Cooking bacon, the only true way.

That smell you remember when you were a kid of Sunday breakfast. The lucky ones had it every day but Sunday was my guaranteed Mom made breakfast morning. The smell of freshly pan fried bacon would fill the house like crack-cocaine in a junkies lungs and bring everyone to life.

As a young child my mother would shield me from the process of bacon making. Not because she feared I would screw it up but rather because of the delicate and dangerous nature of preparation. My young hands were not ready for the slow and steady peel from the slab of pre-sliced pork or the precise placement of new bacon to the frying pan but my inspired eyes were. Mother also knew that I was not yet ready to fight the “Dragon” as she always called the popping grease.


When I was awake in time to watch her tame the bacon I always thought she looked like a knight with a shield and sword. Grease screen and tongs respectively. The battle was always touch and go as she never spent too much time on one piece because the others might spit hot delicious bacon grease out at her.

My mother was not perfect in her ability to fry the bacon but who can be? There was always one piece that would cook way too fast and end up in the graveyard of black bacon. She always blamed herself for not being able to save it and volunteered to eat it rather than be wasteful.

Now that I think about maybe she intended to burn that piece so she could have one extra slice of burnt heaven.

Maybe she was the perfect bacon slayer after all.

HGH testing in the NFL!

Wes Welker

Its about time the NFL and it’s player’s union have agreed on a HGH testing policy.

They have also changed the punishment for on and off season positive stimulant tests. The HGH testing could begin as soon as the end of September.

under the new rules in which players who test positive for banned stimulants in the off season will no longer be suspended. Instead, they will be referred to the substance abuse program.

Players who test positive for banned stimulants during the season will continue to get four-game suspensions.

The NFL has also stiffened up the repeat offender drug policy. Punishments now range from 4 games suspensions to a minimum of a 2 year suspension for repeat offenders of the NFL drug policy. Coupled with the leniency of the off season positive drug test I would say that both the players and the NFL benefited on this agreement.

Could a vampire donate blood?

Recently a friend of mine asked me this question, “Can vampires donate blood”? Its a question I hadn’t ever given any thought too and was intrigued at the very idea of seeing Count Dracula being a model citizen and donating his blood.


Would you take a vampire blood donation?


However after some thought came a myriad of problems. Does a vampire have blood, what blood type would the vampire have (could it be a super blood), would the person that receives vampire blood become a ghoul or vampire, would a vampire actually donate blood anyway (after all they live in pursuit of blood), and are there even 24 hour blood donation stations? Christ, who knew that a simple question was loaded with so many possibilities? Since its not really possible to answer these questions fully, due to the fact that the lore of vampirism is so vast and in some cases contradicting, Im going to try and answer them based on what I think a vampire would be.


Question 1.

Do vampires have blood?

For this answer I’m going to use the vampires from Interview with a Vampire. Its pretty clear in this example of vampires that they do have blood. When Lestat de Lioncourt turns Louis de Pointe du Lac into a vampire he bites himself and then gives his blood to Louis. Also another example is when Louis goes ape shit on the French acting vampire troupe and starts cutting them in half with a scythe.


Question 2.

What blood type is a vampire?

This one is tough. I honestly am split on blood type. Part of me thinks it could be a super blood type that can be whatever it needs to be. The other half of me tends to think the blood type would be whatever it was when the vampire became a vampire. Think Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Dracula changes shapes in this movie sure but when he is killed he reverts back to his original form. I think after confusing myself I believe that a vampire’s blood would be that of what it was before vampirism set in ala Interview with a Vampire.


Question 3.

Would the person that receives vampire blood turn into a vampire?

The obvious answer is no. In almost all vampire stories the bite is what turns people into vampires not just the blood. Some movies turn people into ghouls instead of a vampire if the victim doesn’t drink the blood of a vampire think Vampire in Brooklyn.


Question 4.

Would a vampire ever donate blood?

Even after answering all the questions prior to this one, I am gonna say a vampire wouldn’t donate his/her blood. The only reason a vampire has for donating their blood is to turn the really cool people they bite into vampires. The whole idea of being a vampire is undeniably drenched in the blood of non-vampire humans.


Therefore in my opinion, A vampire would not donate his/her vampire blood due to the sole fact that they wouldn’t be giving away their life force just to eventually suck it out of the person that receives the blood. To come to any other conclusion would be done so using a minority version of the vampire myth.


Here is a link to Richard’s spin on vampire blood donations

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