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Cooking bacon, the only true way.

That smell you remember when you were a kid of Sunday breakfast. The lucky ones had it every day but Sunday was my guaranteed Mom made breakfast morning. The smell of freshly pan fried bacon would fill the house like crack-cocaine in a junkies lungs and bring everyone to life. As a young child my […]

HGH testing in the NFL!

Its about time the NFL and it’s player’s union have agreed on a HGH testing policy. They have also changed the punishment for on and off season positive stimulant tests. The HGH testing could begin as soon as the end of September. under the new rules in which players who test positive for banned stimulants […]

Could a vampire donate blood?

Recently a friend of mine asked me this question, “Can vampires donate blood”? Its a question I hadn’t ever given any thought too and was intrigued at the very idea of seeing Count Dracula being a model citizen and donating his blood.   However after some thought came a myriad of problems. Does a vampire […]

Triple Decker Chick Water Slide WIN

That dude knows whats up. He gets it…

This dude knows whats up (VIDEO)

Differences between the First World and Africa

We ride different animals

Face it, women…Pregnancy basically ruins you, sexually