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find the jerk off lesson video with jimmy

this is what we do when we get bored… (click the image to watch).. Jimmy teaches his Beating-off Secrets

Did someone say McGangbang?!

I am sure many of you are asking yourself “just what the hell is a McGangbang”, well my friends the short answer is Heaven.   Here goes the long answer- A sandwich all eaters love. Its a awesomely majestic 7 piece amalgamation of beef, chicken, cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickles, and bread. It doesn’t dissapoint, drip, […]

My new rainy day dog

I’ve been in Hollywood for less than a week and have already found a stray dog. Technically, Richard found the dog when he was checking the mail in a rainstorm. The poor little guy was all shivering from the cold and was completely soaked. Also he needed a bath because he smelled worse than a […]

Zika virus aka Beetlejuice virus is real

The Beetlejuice disease is real folks and its coming for your unborn children. Zika virus as it’s known in the science world may cause a rare birth defect that causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads. It has just been confirmed in Puerto Rico and scientist fear the US could be next. Zika […]

HGH testing in the NFL!

Its about time the NFL and it’s player’s union have agreed on a HGH testing policy. They have also changed the punishment for on and off season positive stimulant tests. The HGH testing could begin as soon as the end of September. under the new rules in which players who test positive for banned stimulants […]

Could a vampire donate blood?

Recently a friend of mine asked me this question, “Can vampires donate blood”? Its a question I hadn’t ever given any thought too and was intrigued at the very idea of seeing Count Dracula being a model citizen and donating his blood.   However after some thought came a myriad of problems. Does a vampire […]

The lovely sport of Football and its jerks.

Joey Porter may be my second favorite linebacker in NFL history, only behind Bill Romanowski, but that doesnt mean he isnt a jerk. For all of you NFL fans out there you already know the JP was known for his pre-game displays of thug style intimidation tactics and for the rest of you out there basically […]