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Cooking bacon, the only true way.

That smell you remember when you were a kid of Sunday breakfast. The lucky ones had it every day but Sunday was my guaranteed Mom made breakfast morning. The smell of freshly pan fried bacon would fill the house like crack-cocaine in a junkies lungs and bring everyone to life. As a young child my […]

Personal Stylist Decicions: Beard v Dress

Alot of you may not know this but I am currently in a beard growing contest. For those of you that know, shut the hell up and lemme explain. The bet goes as follows: 1. As of Monday the 3rd the contest starts 2. All participants must grow a beard. 3. Beard fullness/length are not […]

This day 2010: Alka-Duece.

This is funny because I had two alka-seltzers this morning for unrelated reasons. Thanks facebook for that trip down memory lane.

Which is better? You must choose.


White people problems- The morning commute.

Running late and I forgot my wallet twice and I hate life this morning because there is traffic in my way

Xbox Live Trash Talk Gets All Kinds Of Ghay

Playing Xbox Live makes me tell my fellow players some nasty things but sometimes I get carried away and embrace the character I’m playing. On more than one occasion I’ve turned from calling the person on the other end a f*ggot to detailing all the homosexual acts I would like to engage in with them. […]

Summer Days of Richard

Everything is Richards fault. He keeps trying to destroy my internet with his Fagbook Pro Apple device but he won’t win the war.