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Wrestling Fights Solve Problems

Click to Play Emily takes out agression in a wrestling match slash slap-fight. ;

Back up QB from UCONN trick shot with football

This made my dick move. The best one is when he knocks off the domino’s sign off the car.

Your Highness

Can a raunchy comedy be funny in a high budget big special effect period piece? That combo usually fails but this looks pretty badass… So does this: Queen Amidala showing her butt? Worth the price of admission I suppose.

Help me name my Mobile Bartending Business

What should I name my private bartending business? (polls)

My weekly tweets

had breakfast for dinner over at my mom's house tonight. i think it was a bunch of McDonalds breakfast she found at the office. # @angelabingaman why even field the call? #

Wheeler on the Issues: Part 3 of 3

Click to Play Wheeler gives his take on the French, Marijuana, Illegal Immigration, Fake Boobs, Environmentalism and Global Warming. The summary: France emigrates smelly pacifists, only losers do marijuana and dopers only fuck shit up, America should have strong borders, fake boobs are lame, global warming is real but who cares because living in the […]

New York may finally get something right…..Maybe

The United States of America is a great place. Its even better when you can eat for free. (Enter stage right) New York may limit items that can be purchased with TAX payer provided food stamps. The proposed limits would only be sugar sweetened foods like soda and twinkies. This is hard for me to […]