Hot Girl “singers” say theyre not that hot

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Drew Garrett and Lauren Willey are the long-haired high schoolers responsible for “Hot Problems,” a homemade music video that makes Rebecca Black’s “Friday” look like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” So, what possessed these two — known collectively as Double Take — to promote their own attractiveness on YouTube, thereby inviting hundreds of thousands of catty Internet commenters (and pop culture bloggers) to mock them? Were they trying to become viral sensations? Is either one under the delusion that she might be able to make it as a singer? And finally, do they really think they’re that hot?

In a word: No. The pair concluded a whirlwind media tour today by discussing their video with Good Morning America‘s Abby Boudreau. In the interview, Hot Girl Lauren — she’s the one on the right who sort of looks like Kristen Schaal — explains that the duo just wanted to make “something fun to show our friends. We really didn’t mean anything from it.”
Adds Drew, a.k.a. The Other One, “We knew we couldn’t really sing.”

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