McDonalds Gouges on Orange Juice

McDonald’s upcharges your breakfast value meal if you want oj. When did this start?

check out this baller over here. thats been the system since forever and youve mocked me for getting oj instead of dirtcheap fountain garbage before, once again proving that you are destined to become everything about me that you tease.

the last time i ordered breakfast with oj, probably 7-9 years ago, there was no up charge for a half healthy choice. What I really wanted was some McChickens and fries. but McDonalds has to be super gay and not serve their entire menu around the fucking clock like every other fast food chain on the planet. so Fuck you McDonalds!

the “derka lerka”, as you put it, around my straw was to a cup of orange juice after a breakfast order.

i remember that act of domestic terrorism towards you.


Yeah, and they only accept cash after a certain point in the night.

i did not know that either. i am not lovin’ it the more i find out about how mcdonalds wants to screw over the 3-5am crowd.

orange juice is a costly upgrade no matter the time of day.


This is how Taco Bell does it:

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