New sports franchise needed in St Louis, why not the LFL?

Surfing through the dredges of Friday prime time television with my gf last week, I came upon a gem on MTV2 known as the LFL. LFL stands for Lingerie Football League and that is just what it sounds like. So not feeling like a creeper with my gf on my shoulder watching with me, I actually (after looking at boobs and butts first) was getting into the game. These girls can actually play.

Remember the chick that did this with a nerf football?

The reason I want a new sports franchise in St Louis is for obvious reasons, see above photo, and for the fact that I don’t care for hockey or soccer. I know what you are thinking, who can I live in St Louis and not care for hockey or soccer? Lemme tell you, I grew up in Baltimore Maryland. The only sports figure that meant anything to me was Cal Ripken Jr. and the Orioles in general. Just before moving to this muddy city (St Louis) the Ravens came into Baltimore and changed my life forever. I had been baptized in the glory of football! Now overall in terms of sports franchises I would rather have a pro basketball team, but the people that live on the west side of the Missouri river would get scared and start using The Club again. So naturally a half nude football team of hot chicks fits what this city needs.

I bet she doesn't need water at the half, look at that camel toe.

This stuff would sell out by itself. I propose we get a franchise and have them play right before Rams games in the tailgating parking lot. What could be better then beer, grilled meats, hot chicks playing football, and angry wives? St Louis millionaires please consider bringing something that matters in to this city if for no other reason then for the children.

Backside Blitz!

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2 Responses to New sports franchise needed in St Louis, why not the LFL?

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  2. Desiree says:

    well thats for sure!!!! I have wanted one in st. louis forever get it done!

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