Retarded flat-bill hats

I really hope this trend with little leaguers and non-ghetto people of wearing a fitted hat with a flat-bill would stop yesterday. Maybe you know what I am talking about maybe not either way, strap your scrawny asses in for a ride down retard street.

We have all seen a hat like this on someone and the person we have seen it on we usually accept that they would wear that kinda hat. Its a ghetto thing and its roots are stitched in the return policy. Why else would you keep the store stickers and price tag on the hat and leave it in new condition if there were no plans on returning/exchanging the hat?

The thing that bugs me the most about this picture is that these kids are the best of the best in their age group at baseball. These kids look as if they may knock over a liquor store after a tough practice and then throw dice on the corner. I am surprised that the hats don’t cover their ears!

You know its trendy when the Japanese think looking like a retard is fun and American.

Now what I don’t want to happen is people to take it to far and make a hat that looks like an A-frame. That solves nothing and makes you look like you have a can of skoal in your back pocket. All I want is a natural curve in the bill. So please American youth stop looking like a retard. Thank you and good day… I said good day!

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I am a multi car train wreck of half assed dreams. Sure I like the idea of success, but getting there is like super hard and stuff. I probably drink too much and I am a horrible drunk dialer. My mother still does my laundry and comes over to my house to cook me food. When I play video games on XBOX Live I tend to use awful language with young children. My football addiction has been compared to that of a heroin user. I don’t like using condoms. My apartment is super cold by choice. I love to take super hot and excessively long showers. I don’t recycle; in fact I go out of my way to litter. I hate shaving and combing my hair. I wear basketball shorts and hoodies almost all the time. I don’t like Christmas or any other holiday that doesn’t permit excessive drinking. I didn’t vote for Barak Obama. I have been arrested 12 times in 9 different municipalities, all for unpaid traffic tickets. I have been in a knife fight and lost. Golf is something I do poorly. I spell like a blind kid. I stole G.I. Joes from a blind kid when I lived in Baltimore. I am bad with money. You wouldn’t confuse me with Jerry Seinfeld because I am not Jewish or funny. I burn every bridge I can for the sake of making things harder for me when I need something from that person. Anyone that knows me for any period of time finds me disagreeable. The only things I do well are complain and consume.
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  1. Shawn says:

    I believe that japanese person that you’re refering to is actually The Kentucky Kid, aka Nicky Hayden. As the name suggests he’s from the US and rides MotoGP for Ducati.

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