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Commercials that tell me what to eat.

Why is it that commercials directed at white women say eat yogurt and veggies while all men and black women get to eat Mcdonalds and pizza stuffers?

A Cultural Analysis of the Choppa City Juke…

Choppa City Juke is a phenomenon

Lets exterminate white people *applause*

Activist and bookstore owner Dr. Kamau Kambon, who taught Africana Studies 241 in the Spring 2005 semester at North Carolina State University spoke live on cspan.

Bank robber eats rob note after he gets caught

Police say a bank robbery suspect in Ohio may have eaten a piece of evidence in the case.

Racist father and son confrontation

A racist KKK dad confronts his daughter about her half Mexican baby even though he had sex with a black chick. BONUS fight with Jerry “jew boy” Springer who can’t hear cuz he was off “dancing with the faggots” (a reference to Dancing with the Stars).

15-year-old Stripper’s Grandma Attacks Cameraman

When a news crew went to Rosemary Lumpkin’s house, the mother who called police about her daughter working at a strip club, a woman who answered the door came after the cameraman with a garden hoe. She also added a few choice words. “I’m not Rosemary. Why ya’ll knocking on my door? Hey don’t put […]

This kid has the right idea