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Wups, sorry bro. Thought that was MY leg…

both reactions are perfect…

Side of Road Centerfold Prank

Wish I could see the faces of the people in the cars as they pass by… classic. this guy is hilarious.    

Thai Lady Boys

This video is NSFW

3 Human Version Regular Show Drawings

1. A human depiction of Mordecai 2. Rigby humanized from a scene in an episode where he is scared in a car: 3. Mordecai and Rigby humanized in a scene from the episode where they have gay sex on the floor:


the stuff dreams are made of?.. UPDATE: more of these…

Chances of being called Gay

It’s Not Gay if You Don’t Know it’s a Man

Driving to Eriks house with Richard in the back, talking about Eriks giant zit and then also when sex with another guy isn’t gay. Cuz if you think he’s a girl…then you can’t be gay. Cuz being gay is a feeling but if you do a gay act under false pretenses then it doesnt make […]