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3 Human Version Regular Show Drawings

1. A human depiction of Mordecai 2. Rigby humanized from a scene in an episode where he is scared in a car: 3. Mordecai and Rigby humanized in a scene from the episode where they have gay sex on the floor:

It’s Not Gay if You Don’t Know it’s a Man

Driving to Eriks house with Richard in the back, talking about Eriks giant zit and then also when sex with another guy isn’t gay. Cuz if you think he’s a girl…then you can’t be gay. Cuz being gay is a feeling but if you do a gay act under false pretenses then it doesnt make […]

What Would Cameron Do?

Watch the latest news video at ‘Red Eye’ Robot Theater imagines the director’s preparation for ‘Avatar’ DVD release party. Featuring a censored version of “anal beads” stated here as “action beads”. awesome. This was a continuation of a feud James Cameron started with Glenn Beck over a fucking joke Beck made 3 years ago […]

Dear Batman…

Oddity: A Gay Vampire

“Ohh Iam Scary! I am gonna bite you! I bleed for you! I used to be a Lumberjack, now I am a gay vampire!”

Men in Drag. Wheelchairs. and SINGING!

Louis CK: “Hello! It’s f***ing hot outside!”