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Wups, sorry bro. Thought that was MY leg…

both reactions are perfect…

Side of Road Centerfold Prank

Wish I could see the faces of the people in the cars as they pass by… classic. this guy is hilarious.    

Thai Lady Boys

This video is NSFW

3 Human Version Regular Show Drawings

1. A human depiction of Mordecai 2. Rigby humanized from a scene in an episode where he is scared in a car: 3. Mordecai and Rigby humanized in a scene from the episode where they have gay sex on the floor:


the stuff dreams are made of?.. UPDATE: more of these…

Chances of being called Gay

VIDEO: It’s Not Gay if You Don’t Know it’s a Man

Driving to Eriks house with Richard in the back, talking about times Eriks giant zit and then also when sex with another guy isn’t gay. Cuz if you think he’s a girl…then you can’t be gay. The full video from Richard, here: