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Girl owns homeless Pirates fan

This guy clearly isn’t ready for the big leagues. He is passed out in the street and he pissed himself. If thats not embarrassing enough a Cardinals fan jams her ass in his face. This stuff right here is why Americans love America and the rest of the world hates us. I mean look at […]

Necrophiliacs need to be loved too.

While checking my matches on I came across this 97% match. Everything seemed normal with this women. I read through her profile and was interested in emailing back and forth with her. Then I noticed she had more pics. Bam! Picture of girl kissing skull! I went from midnight to six o’clock in all […]

I go Nancy Grace about Valerie Butler

This really freaked me out since I know this girl. I cant stop wondering if she is okay. So to help me cope I came up with a theory of what happened since I cant stop thinking about Valerie’s safety. My theory on Valerie Butler going missing. By Chris Wheeler My theory of what happened […]

Nanny face smash on One Tree Hill

Girl + beer throw = legsweep

An american show off girl bragging about being a bitch, gets her ass kicked by a French Moroccan in Cancun Mexico after deciding that mouthing off wasn’t enough and she had to also assault the dude by throwing her beer in his face. did she have it coming though?… watch the video and decide…

Myspace hottie

An ode to Paris Hilton