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VIDEO: Wheeler eats a hamburger. that was in the trash…

After sitting on a counter for a full day, it was finally thrown out. but I , the George Costanza of the internet age, saw no fault in this, reached in and ate it at 1AM the following day.

The many faces of a 12 pack of beer.

I drank more. I just forgot to take the pictures. It had something to do with memory loss related to the activity being photographed. My next challenge is the 24 pack of Bud Select. the 24 pack will take some major training. Good thing I have my kickball league starting up next week. With a […]

This just in, black people get pulled over more often.

  Research shows us what we already know, black people get pulled over more in St Louis the further west they go. Turns out its because they are driving through predominately white neighborhoods. Interesting. Here are some stats compiled from 2009. Missouri police jurisdictions with the highest rate of black drivers stopped in 2009 relative […]

Albert Pujols caught without pants on

You will not see it right away because of the major douche bag in the center of the picture, but it is there I promise. Albert in some tighty whiteys! I wonder if Albert is mocking the Cardinals organization by imitating them in how badly they handled his contract negotiations. To me it looks like […]

Necrophiliacs need to be loved too.

While checking my matches on I came across this 97% match. Everything seemed normal with this women. I read through her profile and was interested in emailing back and forth with her. Then I noticed she had more pics. Bam! Picture of girl kissing skull! I went from midnight to six o’clock in all […]

Embalm yourself with Beer and grease.

Fast food, grease and fried everything is okay when balanced by lots of alcohol.