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Man Climbs Through Drive-Thru Window to Get His Filet-o-Fish

A New Jersey man slaps and threatens a fast food worker over slow service.

Mother gives speech because son doesn’t have broadband internet

Once it started loading her feet from the bottom up and he waited four and a half days until the knees appeared. By the time it got to her hips, he realized she was in a miniskirt and he was so upset, he wept as I did as well. Part 2 sheds even more details […]

What Would Cameron Do?

Watch the latest news video at ‘Red Eye’ Robot Theater imagines the director’s preparation for ‘Avatar’ DVD release party. Featuring a censored version of “anal beads” stated here as “action beads”. awesome. This was a continuation of a feud James Cameron started with Glenn Beck over a fucking joke Beck made 3 years ago […]

Fox news bias vs CNN & MSNBC

Mini skirt gets Brazilian girl expelled

Brazilian University Expels Student for Wearing Short Mini-Dress to Class

Today Show introduces a Boner

Woman Pissed About Ass Implants