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Herman Cain shows you how to do it

grab it

Gambling is illegal. sometimes

makes sense

Effing 99er’s. Walk in front of a bus please.

First off, FAAACK YOUUU 99ers! I am sick and tired of hearing about how tough your life is on unemployment. This is what you sound like “ boo hoo I can’t pay my mortgage, waaaa I had to sell my 5 series, *alligator tear* I have to drink domestic beer.” You are living for free […]

Wheeler on the Issues: Part 1 of 3

Click to Play Chris Wheeler on: Taxes, Food, Religion, War in Iraq, Pre-Marital Sex, Abortion and the Death Penalty.

Mother gives speech because son doesn’t have broadband internet

Once it started loading her feet from the bottom up and he waited four and a half days until the knees appeared. By the time it got to her hips, he realized she was in a miniskirt and he was so upset, he wept as I did as well. Part 2 sheds even more details […]

Food Police

Libertarian Nick Gillespie on Stossel gets into a fight with MeMe Roth, a Health Nazi who wants to control everyone’s lives so they live according to what she thinks is best for them and totally owns her ass. Last year when he was still working at ABC, John Stossel made the case that we should […]

Inside a hippie media watchdog group