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Stripper pole 2009 Championship Highlights

Fake boobs used to identify murdered whore

Thats what fake tits will do for strippers. it will id their dead hooker ass. It’s almost like the inject-able tags for dogs. From NY Daily: Her killer left the swimsuit model mutilated in an effort to prevent police from discovering her identity, but police were still able to learn who she was by her […]

Lindsay Lohan striptease remix

Wannabe stripper falls off pole

Brianna Frost Faceplant

Brianna Frost face plants while trying out a new pole. I guess this is a nude webcam strip show she does for what? subscribers to some website? I dont know. But it sure is embarrassing how she is upside-fricken-down and just slams to the floor. It would be more understandable if she slipped or something. […]